Homemade baked sweet potato french fries with ketchup Premium Photo


2 large sweet potatoes

2-3 tbsp. of cornstarch

1/2 c. mayonnaise

1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper

1 tsp. sriracha sauce (or to taste)


  • Peel and slice sweet potatoes into fries no thicker than 1/2”. Soak in water for a minimum of one hour, but preferably for half a day (change the water several times).
  • Drain water from the bowl and lift fries out by the handful. Give them a good shake. They should be dry but still, have enough moisture on them to allow the cornstarch to stick.
  • Place cornstarch in a plastic bag and drop all fries in. Blow a bit of air into the bag, twist the top and shake vigorously.
  • Place fries into the air fryer. Coat with olive oil. The more oil the crispier and less sticking you’ll have, but the less healthy they’ll be.
  • Program at 392°F for 12-14 minutes. Repeat the process until all fries are cooked. Dipping Sauce: Mix together mayo, pepper, and Sriracha sauce. Adjust to your taste.